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The world of commerce has been advancing leaps and bounds. As such, this department has been committed to provide an advanced and expert insight into commerce. The department has a total number of 74 students currently enrolled.


Build prospective entrepreneurs and committed human resources in the era of economic challenges , reforms and development.

Synergize intellectuals for imparting knowledge in commerce and related areas through enhancement of interpersonal skills and dissemination of newer trends in the industry that adapts a blend of rigour and practical relevance


  • To inculcate in students analytical skills and develop their research capabilities.
  • To build an intelligent community of Post Graduate Commerce students endowed with specialized. skills to be on par with today’s global enterprise.
  • To create a talent pool of skilled human resource


rachealRacheal Goes
(Assistant Professor)
Qualification:- MBA,UGC NET, CBSC NET, SET
Experience:- 4 Years,Joined Rosary College in 2013
Interests:- Capital Market, Organisational Behaviour,Corporate Accounting,Financial Services
Valencia Salvia Baptista
(Assistant Professor)
Qualification:- Mcom (Accounting & Finance), SET, NET
Experience:- 2 Years, Joined Rosary College in 2014
Interests:- Mathematics, Statistics, Accounting & Taxation
Gail Gail Bina Pires
(Assistant Professor)
Qualification:- Mcom (Accounting & Finance), SET
Experience:- 3 Years, Joined Rosary College in 2018
Interests:- Research, Derivatives Markets, Capital Markets, Cost Management