Welcome to Rosary College !


Rosary College, veritably, personifies the credo ‘holistic education.’ Ever since its inception 25 years ago,Rosary College has been in the vanguard of chiselling and moulding the lives of young men and women in metamorphosing them into estimable citizens.Through the Apostolate of Education,we seek to address the material,emotional,spiritual and intellectual needs of all our educands. Every student who leaves the portals of Rosary College is empowered with not mere knowledge but wisdom and understanding to analyse,to make decisions and more importantly to serve as trailblazers.

Our all-encompassing curriculum,with a paradigm shift in pedagogy from educator-centric learning to educand-centric learning,has been the fulcrum of the transformation of every student into a thorough-bred professional.Paramount importance is given to whole range of activities held within and outside the classroom to helpspur a sense of indefatigable curiosity in the natural and academic world.Our teaching staff is replete with high levels of qualifications,experience and vast repository of knowledge;the fundamental requisites of higher education.

Rosary College symbolises dynamism in higher education with a constant endeavour to enhance the infrastructure,learning environment and curriculum in order to suit the needs and interest of students and provide a conducive learning atmosphere;thus realising the aspirations of an A-grade College to fruition.No education is complete without value-based education and Rosary College has been instrumental in imbuing values and life skills like integrity,honesty,respect for others,discipline,accountability,leadership and all pervading sense of dedication to excellence.Our relentless aim is elicit a high degree of professional competence in all our students.

Rosary College of Commerce and Arts,located two and a half kilometres from the commercial capital of Goa-Margao,is straddled with places of convenience such as post-office,district library,hospitals,supermarket,railway station,banks and girls’ hostel.Coupled with great accessibility,digitised academic ambience,compelling campus,highly qualified,motivated and experienced teaching staff and a plethora of opportunities provided to students make the college the most sought institution of higher education in Goa

Come and experience an opportunity of a lifetime and a guided journey of life here at Rosary College of Commerce and Arts !