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Name of the College: Rosary College of Commerce & Arts, Navelim, Salcete Goa
Address: Navelim, Salcete – Goa, 403707
Location: Rural
Affiliating University: Goa University, Taleigao-Plateau-Goa
Year of establishment: June 1990
Year of affiliation: 1990
Year of Recognition: 2002, Section 2(f) and 12-B of UGC Act, 1956
Year of Last accreditation: 2017-18. Grade A (CGPA score 3.29 on a 4 point scale)
Type: Aided & Self Financed
Category: Affiliated
Managed By: Diocesan Society of Education
Status: Minority institution under article 30(1)of the Indian Constitution

Courses Offered:

Sr. No Courses Offered UG/PG Type: FT/PT Nature: Regular/Self-Financing
1 . ARTS – Economics;History;English;Psychology;Sociology;Konkani UG Full Time Regular
2 COMMERCE UG Full Time Regular
3 Bachelor of Computer Application UG Full Time Self-Financing
4 Bachelor of Bussiness Administration UG Full Time Self-Financing
5 Bachelor of Bussiness Administration                                (Travel & Tourism) UG Full Time Self-Financing
6 Master of Commerce PG Full Time Self-Financing

Profile of Teaching Staff:
Teaching staff Information 2016-2017

Sr. No. Name Qualification Date of joining Designation Email addresses
1 Rev. Dr. Simão R. Diniz M.A., PhD, SET 31.07.2009 Principal
2 Dr. Savio Falleiro M.A., PhD, NET 01-07-1991 Vice Principal,
Associate Professor
3 Ms. Anna Rodrigues M.A., SET 01-09-1991 Associate Professor
4 Ms. Smita Fernandes M.A., SET 01-07-1992 Associate Professor
5 Mr.Bhalchandra Gaonkar M.A., NET 01-07-1992 Associate Professor
6 Dr.Francis X. Lobo M.P.Ed., PhD, SET 01-07-1992 Associate Professor
7 Mr. Robert Fernandes M.Com., C.A. 25-06-1993 Assistant Professor
8 Dr. Afonso Botelho M.A., PhD, SET 16-07-1993 Associate Professor
9 Ms. Priya Carvalho e Viegas M.A., SET 25-06-1993 Associate Professor
10 Ms. Tanya Marchon e Mascarenhas M.A., NET 13-08-1993 Associate Professor
11 Dr. Juao Costa M.Com., PhD, SET 20-06-1996 Associate Professor
12 Dr. Rita Braganza M.A., PhD 15-11-1993 Associate Professor
13 Mr. Helic Barretto M.Com., SET 01-07-1994 Associate Professor
14 Ms. Sonia Vaz M.A. 02-07-1994 Assistant Professor
15 Mr. Jim Barretto M.Com., M.Phil, SET 20-06-1995 Associate Professor
16 Ms. Alison Dias e Quadros M.A. 20-06-1997 Assistant Professor
17 Ms. Charmaine D’Souza M.Com., SET 23-11-1996 Associate Professor
18 Ms. Precy Fernandes e Coutinho MCA, SET 26.11.1998 Associate Professor
19 Ms. Audrey Fernandes M.A., SET 20-06-1994 Associate Professor
20 Ms. Shilpa Korde M.Com., M.Phil, SET 15-06-2009 Assistant Professor
21 Ms. Seema Bhende M.Com., M.Phil 15-06-2009 Assistant Professor
22 Mr. John Xavier D’Souza M.A., NET 16-06-2008 Assistant Professor
23 Ms. Deepa Dhumatkar M.Com., SET 15-06-2009 Assistant Professor
24 Ms. Jyoti S. Naik M.Com., M.Phil, NET 15-06-2009 Assistant Professor
25 Ms. Elvira Pereira M.A., SET 15-06-2011 Assistant Professor
26 Mr. Ignatius Fernandes M.Sc., NET 14-09-2011 Assistant Professor
27 Ms. Shelley Mendes M.Com., NET 19-06-2012 Assistant Professor
28 Ms. Lorraine Gomes M.Com., NET, SET 19-06-2013 Assistant Professor
29 Ms. Ancy Gonsalves MFS, NET 19-06-2013 Assistant Professor
30 Mr. Moses P. Fernandes M.Com., NET, SET 19-06-2013 Assistant Professor
31 Ms. Maria Sancha Ema De A. Pereira M.Com, NET 19-06-2013 Assistant Professor
32 Mr. Mohan R. Undakoti M.Com, NET 19-06-2013 Assistant Professor
33 Mr. Denis Vaz M.A., NET 19-06-2013 Assistant Professor
34 Ms. Maria Muriel de Barros M.A., NET 19-06-2013 Assistant Professor
35 Ms. Zamila Pacheco Mcom, SET 15-06-2019 Assistant Professor
36 Ms. Blanche Vaz MCom, NET 08-07-2019 Assistant Professor
37 Ms. Fravina Rebello MA 08-07-2019 Assistant Professor
38 Ms. Tanvi Deshpande MSc, NET/SET 08-07-2019 Assistant Professor
39 Ms. Poorva Gude MA, SET 15-06-2018 Assistant Professor
40 Ms. Lerissa Dcosta MA 15-06-2018 Assistant Professor
41 Ms. Lizanne Fernandes MCom, SET 08-07-2019 Assistant Professor
42 Ms. Swati Jalgekar MA 14-07-2019 Assistant Professor
43 Mr. Jonlen de Sa M.Com., SET 15-06-2016 Assistant Professor
44 Ms. Sonia Kamat LLM, SET 15-06-2015 Assistant Professor
45 Ms. Maria Melissa Fernandes M.A. 19-06-2013 Assistant Professor
46 Ms. Shirley Furtado e Sousa LLM Assistant Professor
47 Ms. Rupa Desai M.A. 18-06-2012 Assistant Professor
48 Ms. Leona Dias MCA 15-06-2016 Assistant Professor
49 Ms. Tracy Almeida MCA, SET 15.06.2004 Assistant Professor
50 Ms. Mildred Lemos MCA, NET 19.11.2001 Assistant Professor
51 Mr. Leonardo Joanes MCA, MS, NET 22.07.2011 Assistant Professor
52 Mr. Ramkrishna Shankar Reddy MCA 21.06.2014 Assistant Professor
53 Ms. Rajlakshmi R. Metri MCA 15.6.2015 Assistant Professor
54 Ms. Sonia Mashal M.E. Computers 15-06-2018 Assistant Professor
55 Ms.Anusree Sadanandan M.E 15-06-2019 Assistant Professor
56 Ms. Pearl Gomes MBA 11.01.2011 Assistant Professor
57 Ms. ALpha Xess MBA 15.06.2019 Assistant Professor
58 Ms. Charlotte Concy Fernandes MFS 21.11.2011 Assistant Professor
59 Ms. Neshca Da Costa MBA 14.06.2015 Assistant Professor
60 Ms. Maya Talwadker MBA, MTM, NET, SET 08.08.2011 Assistant Professor
61 Ms. Surabhi Gore M.A., NET 19.06.2012 Assistant Professor
62 Ms. Flina Fernandes MBA 19.06.2019 Assistant Professor
63 Ms. Racheal Lourdes Goes MBA, NET, SET 19.06.2013 Assistant Professor
64 Ms. Valencia Salvia Baptista M.Com., NET, SET 23.06.2014 Assistant Professor
65 Ms.Gail Bina Pires MCom, SET 15.06.2018 Assistant Professor
66 Ms.Alba De Sa MCom, NET 15.06.2018 Assistant Professor
67 Ms.Suvidha Naik MSc in Maths, BEd 03.08.2019 Assistant Professor
68 Ms.Vembly Colaco MA 15.09.2018 Assistant Professor
69 Mr.Aloysius Godinho MSc in Maths,NET 20.07.2019 Assistant Professor
70 Mr.Aloysius Godinho MSc in Maths,NET 20.07.2019 Assistant Professor
71 Ms.Ivy Simoes MA,NET 08.07.2019 Assistant Professor
72 Ms.Anneliese M. Dcosta MA 08.07.2019 Assistant Professor


Physical Facilities and infrastructure
Land Area (in Acres) 1.633
Built up Area (in Acres) 1.339
Playground/Sports/games Area Yes
Number of classrooms 47
Number of Tutorial Rooms
Number of  Laboratories 09 (Computer Labs)
01 (Psychology LAB)
01 (UGC LAB)
01 (Commerce LAB)
01 (Language LAB)
Number of Seminar Rooms 2
Number of Conference Rooms 1
Number of Committee Rooms 1 (IQAC)
Number  of seats in Boys Hostel NIL
Number of seats in Girls Hostel Hostel for girls is run by convent of Mary Immaculate belonging to Archdiocese of Goa
 Seating capacity of Library Reading Room 111
 Number of  Books in the Library 21817
 Number of E-Books in the Library 1,35,000  (Inflibnet-NLIST)
 Number of Journals/magazines/newspapers subscribed 60/44/13  respectively
 Number of E-journal 6,000 (Inflibnet-NLIST)
07 (SAGE)
Number of Multimedia literature 593
a). Kindle (4) 493
b). Tablets (10) 100
ICT Infrastructure: Yes
Number of PCs in Computer Centre 301
Number of PIV or higher PCs 1852 (ID Cards)
Number of LAN Terminals 296
Wi-fi connectively Yes
Type & Speed of Internet 4Mbps Lease Line (G-Wave)
8Mbps Broadband (GBBN)
Teaching Tools/Aids
Number of Television 12
Number of OHPs 7
Number of LCDs 47
Number of DVD Players 3
a) Visualizer 1
b) Interactive Monitor 5
c) eBeam 1
d) CCTV Entire Campuss
Gymnasium 2
Indoor Games Table Tennis, Badminton, Carrom
Sports Facilities Yes
Number of Houses  for Teachers
Number of Rooms in Guest House
Number of Common Rooms for Students 1
Health Centre/medical centre Doctor available on call/First Aid and Counsellor
Number of Cubicles/Rooms for Teachers Three common staff rooms
Common rooms for teachers NIL
Canteen for Students Yes
Transport facility for students Yes