Here at Rosary College, we not only emphasize on mental by also physical exercise. True to our motto, we believe in a Holistic development of our students i.e., mind, soul and BODY. Our students have been competing at different levels for various sports and games.

Vision :

Healthy Citizens actively involved in achieving excellence in physical education and sports.

Mission :

To enhance physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual growth of young women and men through Physical Education.

Objectives :

  • To help students realize their potentials and discover their abilities.
  • To help build up physical power and develop various organic systems in the body.
  • To help students to adjust in the family and society and to build healthy relationships which in turn will lead to happiness.
  • To contribute to economic efficiency in students through hard work and to help them in the selection of their profession.
  • To inculcate civic responsibility in the students.
  • To help students to realize their responsibilities as members of a democratic society.

Lobo - Phy EduDr. Francis Xavier Lobo

(Director of Physical Education)
Qualification:- PhD,SET
Experience:- 24 Years , Joined Rosary College in 1992
Interests:- Coaching, Fitness, Health, Youth Development