Empowered citizens who would be instruments of change to further the cause of promoting reading and research.


To provide convenient and effective access to quality library services and information resources to support the excellence in teaching and learning process.


  • To provide an organized and readily accessible collection of information resources to meet the user needs.

  • To build a quality collection which serves as a resource for better learning.

  • To promote the use of library and its valued users.

  • To work cooperatively with other departments of the college to provide the best services and resources for its users.

The College Library has an open access system and has books in subjects like Computer Application, Accounting, Sociology, Economics, Tourism, Commerce, Environmental Studies, Psychology, Management, Sports, History, Mathematics, Business Management etc. The library has more than 21,000 books and subscribes 60 journals of national and international origin, e-journals, 44 magazines, 13 newspapers and Sage and N-List database of INFLIBNET.

The library is open for 9 hours i.e. from 8:15 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. The library collection is enriched every year by adding new books and e-resources. The library is automated using MIS.

The library has a spacious hall for reference wherein 100 readers can be accommodated at a time. The library provides reference service, photocopying facility, Current Awareness Service (CAS), internet browsing facility, reading room for students, audio-visual section and centre for research for faculty members. Library orientation is conducted at the beginning of the academic year to acquaint the students with the functioning of the library. Book exhibitions are conducted 3-4 times in a year and various activities are carried out for students as well to render the library user friendly.

In order to inculcate reading habits among the students, the library has purchased kindles wherein e-books on fiction, non-fiction and on general reading are downloaded and the library users are now exposed to even more titles which they can read during their leisure time. The library also provides the students to online access of question papers of the last five years.