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     Geography – the study of the Earth and its lands, features, inhabitants, and phenomena. The Department of Geography has been providing rich resources, books and has been using technology to provide matter to the students.  The department adopted the new UGC restructured curriculum in the academic year 2007-08 in a phased manner. The students of the department offering different papers at the FYBA, BCom, BCA and SYBA.



    A society with environmentally conscious youth


    To create awareness of the environmental problems and equip the students with the necessary skills to protect nature.


    • To create awareness about nature and its resources.
    • To conscientize the students about the various environmental problems.
    • To create an awareness that man is a part and parcel of nature and degradation of the same will never be beneficial to man in the long run.
    • To motivate the students, to adopt various measures to protect the earth.

    Smita-GeoSmita Naik Fernandes
    (Associate Professor)
    Qualification:- MA(Bombay University), SET(Pune University)
    Experience:- 25Years, Joined Rosary College in 1992
    Interests:-  Reading & Cooking

    MerelMerel Savio DSilva
    (Assistant Professor)
    Qualification:- M.Sc. Georgraphy (Pune), NET
    Experience:- 3 years, Joined Rosary College in 2017
    Interests:- Physical Geography, Environmental Science

    RadhikaRadhika Pandey
    (Assistant Professor)
    Qualification:- M.A. Geography
    Experience:- 4 months Teaching Experience, Joined Rosary College in 2017