The Department of Computer Applications was established in the year 2001 with the launch of the Bachelor of Computer Applications Programme. The BCA programme is a three year self financed integrated degree programme affiliated to the Goa University. The objective of the BCA programme is to produce employable IT workforce that will have sound knowledge of IT and business fundamentals that can be applied to develop and customize solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s).


An e-literate Society


To spread the application of computer technology to every household, to make a generation of e-literate citizens.

Objectives :

  1. To impart sound knowledge of computer applications for solving small and medium business problems.
  2. To equip young individuals with technical skills for simplifying business processes.
  3. To promote the culture of ethical practices amongst citizens in the Cyber world.
  4. To leverage technology for meeting the expectations of IT industry by creating a skilled workforce.


MiltonMilton Pires
(Assistant Professor and Course Coordinator)
Qualification:- MCA, NET, SET,MBA
Experience:- 11 years, Joined Rosary College in 2005
Interests:- Educational Technology, Web Programming, Digital Photography
scan0015(1)Tracy Almeida e Aguiar
(Assistant Professor)
Qualification:- MCA, SET
Experience:-  12 years, Joined Rosary College in 2004
Interests:- DBMS Programming,Newer Trends in Software Tech


mildredMildred Lemos
(Assistant Professor)
Qualification:-MCA, NET
Experience:- 6 Years, Joined Rosary College in 2011
Interests:- Reading


LeoLeonard Joanes
(Assistant Professor)
Qualification:- MCA, MS(Civil), NET
Experience:-6 Years ,Joined Rosary College in 2011
Interests:-  .NET , C#
Rajlakshmi Metri
(Assistant Professor)
Qualification:- MCA
Experience:-8 Years ,Joined Rosary College in 2015
Interests:-  Reading and Photography
vcc - CopyVenisha Coutinho
(Assistant Professor)
Qualification:- M.Com, SET
Experience:-3 Years ,Joined Rosary College in 2013
Interests:-  Reading, Sports, Listening to Music
Ramkrishna Reddy
(Assistant Professor)
Qualification:- MCA
Experience:- 2 Years,Joined Rosary College in 2014
Interests:- Sketching,Coding & Blogging
RCCA0331Naziya Mahamdul
(Assistant Professor)
Experience:- 2 Years,Joined Rosary College in 2016
Interests:- Reading & Coding

Sonia (2)

Sonia Xylina Mashal
(Assistant Professor)
Qualification:-M.E (Computer Science & Engineering)
Experience:- 8 months, Joined Rosary College in 2018
Interests:- Machine Learning
anviAnvi Naik
(Assistant Professor)
Qualification:-M.E (I.T)
Experience:- 6 Years, Joined Rosary College in 2018
Interests:- Natural Language Processing, Computer Networks, Data Structures