Bachelor of Business Administration


The objective of the Bachelor of Business Administration degree programme is to provide and develop an understanding of how businesses and organizations are operated and managed. The programme covers a range of ski I Is such as team management, personal responsibilities, managing information and providing administrative services. Students are not tested on their memorizing power but on their ability to grasp and apply theoretical concepts to work-related scenarios and case studies.

The training methodology and evaluation procedure is similar to that of an MBA programme. The programme comprises of core management subjects such as Human Resource Management, Finance Management, IT, and Operations Management. In addition to this, the programme draws on a selection of Non Business Courses such as Psychology, International Relations and Business Ethics. This helps build students’ perspectives. Students are also trained in soft ski I Is such as public speaking, written communication, etc.

Three summer placements, lasting six weeks each, for FY & SY and four weeks for TY is a part of the degree programme. Students can take up the placements in an field of their choice. The purpose of the summer placements is, for students, to apply the management and leadership theories from the classroom to specific situations in real life.

The BBA programme has been designed to suit the requirement of the modern framework of the corporate world and aims at nurturing and preparing the best management talent for which the demand is great.

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