Vision: An Educative Community marked by Justice, Cooperation and Integrity.

Mission: To empower young men and women specially the underprivileged as responsive
Citizens through Holistic Education

Core values: Faith in God; love of fellow beings; moral uprightness; social responsibility;
pursuit of excellence


• To sensitize students to the needs of the community with a special focus on the minority and underprivileged sections of the society.
• To empower students with the necessary skills so as to enable them to play an active role in National Development and to become globally competent.
• To strengthen secular, democratic and non-discriminative spirit among the students through value-based education.
• To use modern technology for effective teaching and learning.
• To make students employable, and empowered to meet the changing needs of industry.

Organizational Chart: link

Citizen Charter: Please refer to Manual no.15.

Quality Policy: link

Office: 8.15 a.m. to 5.15 p.m. For Public: 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.
Library: 8.15 a.m. to 5.15 p.m.

Address: Navelim, Salcete, Goa 403 707.

Grievance Redressal Mechanism:
All stakeholders including teaching and non-teaching staff, parents and students besides others have direct access to the Principal to get their grievances addressed. Additionally, the College has two separate committees especially formed to look after grievances. While one looks after examination related grievances (committee formed as per guidelines of Goa University), the other committee is to look after non-examination related grievances of staff and students.

Rosary College was established by the Archdiocese of Goa and Daman in June 1990. The College owes its inception to the magnanimous initiative of Rev. Fr. Jose Robert Vaz, the then Parish Priest of Our Lady of Rosary Church, Navelim. Rosary Educational Complex has been rendering yeoman services without regard to caste, creed and economic background, always keeping in the foreground the needs of the underprivileged. The establishment of the College in 1990 brought to the complex tertiary education thereby rendering the village a complete academic hub from pre-primary to doctorate levels.

The Institution has always stood for progress as evidenced by NAAC re-accreditation (Second Cycle) resulting in an A Grade with a CGPA of 3.21 on a 4 point scale; the quality of education imparted; the phenomenal increase in enrolment of students from a mere 36 to over 1700 (the largest in South Goa); the number of foreign students admitted in our College; the professional success of its alumni; the numerous awards won in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities; and, the fact that the College has held the Goa University Sports Championship for four years. The consistent and constant endeavour of Rosary College to attain the zenith has positioned it in a league of its own.

Commerce; Economics; Business Law; Mathematics; History; Geography; English; Konkani; Information Technology; Sociology; Psychology; Computer Application; Business Administration; Business Administration-Travel & Tourism; Physical Education & Sports; Post Graduate Department of Commerce

The College offers one Post Graduation programme (self-financed – M.Com), five Under-Graduate programmes (2 aided: Commerce and Arts; 3 self-financed: Computer Applications, Business Administration and Business Administration – Travel & Tourism), and one Research Centre in Economics. The College also has a Study Centre of IGNOU through which it offers M.A. (History, Economics and Sociology), MCA and MTM programmes.

Principal, Rev. Dr. Simão R. Diniz: Looks after the overall management of the College. He is responsible for all actions and activities taken by and on behalf of the College. He acts on behalf of the management. As Head of the Institution, and member of various committees, he actively takes policy decisions for the College.

Vice Principal, Dr. Savio P. Falleiro: Assists the Principal and acts on his behalf in his absence.

Superintendent, Mr. Egidio de Sa: Handles overall administrative responsibilities of the College.

Accountant, Mr. Saby Crasto: Responsible for disbursal of salaries and other payments. Also maintains all records pertaining to receipts and expenditures.

Librarian, Dr. Shamin Pereira: Overall in-charge of the library; responsible for provision of facilities and purchase of books.

Decision making processes are as per norms outlined by various statutory bodies.
All statutory committees function as per given norms. Non-statutory committees function on the basis of duties assigned and within the time frame allotted.
All functions are discharged as per guidelines issued by various statutory bodies like the DHE, UGC, Goa University and others. Instructions and manuals are made available on notice boards and library. A special manual has also been prepared to assist in the discharge of functions pertaining to various clubs, committees and cells established by the College at its level.
Audited statement of accounts, Certificate of 2(f) and 12(B), affiliation letters of Goa University, minority status of the College, approvals of teachers appointments (Goa University and DHE), etc.
Direct / indirect participation / representation occurs through conduct of various extension programmes, through meetings of the IQAC and LMC (where select individuals from outside the College are incorporated as members), through interaction with employers / industrial representatives, etc. Policy formulation also takes place through interaction with parents and members of the local government bodies.

As of September, 2016



Name of the Committee Name of the staff
1. Local Managing Committee
·         Rev. Dr. Simão R. Diniz (Convenor)
·         Rev. Dr. Socorro Mendes (Administrator)
·         Rev. Fr. Zeferino D’Souza
·         Rev. Fr. Jose Roque Gonsalves
·         Dr. Sicletica Rebello
·         Assoc. Prof. Dr. Savio P. Falleiro
·         Assoc. Prof. Mr. Helic Barretto
·         Asst. Prof. Ms. Tracy Almeida
·         Mr. Saby Crasto
·         Ms. Melba Fernandes (Office)
2. Internal Quality Assurance Cell
·         Rev. Dr. Simão R. Diniz (Chairman)
·         Ms. Alison Quadros (Coordinator)

·         Rev. Dr. Socorro Mendes (Administrator)

·         Rev. Fr. Zeferino D’Souza (Management)
·         Rev. Fr. Jose Roque Gonsalves (Community Representative)
·         Assoc. Prof. Dr. Savio P. Falleiro (Vice Principal)

·         Mr. Manish Gosalia (Industrial Expert)

·         Mr. Siddharth Mehta (Alumnus)
·         Assoc. Prof. Mr. Helic Barretto
·         Asst. Prof. Ms. Tracy Almeida
·         Asst. Prof. Ms. Jyoti Naik (Examination Comm. – Convenor)
·         Assoc. Prof. Ms. Priya Viegas
·         Asst. Prof. Mr. Leonardo Joanes
·         Mr. Egidio de Sa
·         Dr. Shamin Pereira
·         Ms. Janet Pereira
·         Ms. Pratiksha Surlakar
·         Mr. Dharmanshu Singh (General Secretary – Students Council)
3. Heads / In-Charge of Departments


·         Rev. Dr. Simão R. Diniz – Psychology

·         Asst. Prof. Sonia Vaz – Economics

·         Dr. Juao Costa – Commerce

·         Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rita Braganza – History

·         Assoc. Prof. Ms. Smita Fernandes – Geography

·         Assoc. Prof. Mr. Bhalchandra Gaonkar – Konkani

·         Asst. Prof. Mr. Ignatius Fernandes – Mathematics

·         Assoc. Prof. Ms. Audrey Fernandes – English

·         Asst. Prof. Ms. Sonia Kamat – Business Law

·         Asst. Prof. Ms. Precy Fernandes – Information Tech.

·         Assoc. Prof. Dr. Afonso Botelho – Sociology

·         Asst. Prof. Ms.Tracy Aguiar – Computer Applications

·         Asst. Prof. Ms. Charlotte Fernandes – Business Administration

·         Asst. Prof. Ms. Maya Talwadker – Business Administration – Travel & Tourism

·         Asst. Prof. Ms. Racheal Goes – P.G. Dept. of Commerce (M.Com)

·         Assoc. Prof. Dr. Francis X. Lobo – Phy. Edu. & Sports

4. Examination Committee
·          Asst. Prof. Ms. Jyoti Naik (Convenor)
·          Asst. Prof. Ms. Deepa Dhumatkar
·          Asst. Prof. Ms. Precy Coutinho
·          Asst. Prof. Mr. Tracy Aguiar
·          Asst. Prof. Ms. Racheal Goes (M.Com)
5. Examination Grievance Committee
·          Asst. Prof. Mr. Leonardo Joanes (Convenor)
·          Asst. Prof. Ms. Alison Dias
·          Asst. Prof. Ms. Elvira Pereira
6. Examination Unfair Means Committee
·         Assoc. Prof. Mr. Helic Barretto (Convenor)
·         Asst. Prof. Ms. Deepa Dhumatkar
·         Asst. Prof. Mr. Milton Pires
7. Internal Complaints Committee
·         Assoc. Prof. Ms. Smita N. Fernandes (Convenor)
·         Asst. Prof. Ms. Seema Bhende
·         Asst. Prof. Ms. Merville Rodrigues
·         Assoc. Prof. Dr. Saba D’Silva
8. Prevention of Sexual Harassment Committee
·         Asst. Prof. Ms. Seema Bhende (Convenor)
·         Asst. Prof. Ms. Sonia Kamat
·         Asst. Prof. Ms. Merville Rodrigues
·         Asst. Prof. Mr. Moses Fernandes
·         Ms. Sibal Torquato
·         Ms. Jeannette Da Costa
·         President : Ms. Neelufar Abdul Farash (TYBCom-B)
·         Secretary : Ms. Laxmi Pujari (FYBA-A)
·         Treasurer : Ms. Rashvita R. Coleveker (TYBCom-B)


Note: Besides the above, the College has various other committees, details of which have not been provided herein as they are constituted internally unlike the above, which are mandated by statutory guidelines.

As of September, 2016

Sr. No. Name of the Faculty
1. Rev. Dr. Simão R. Diniz
2. Dr. Savio P. Falleiro
3. Ms. Anna Rodrigues
4. Ms. Smita N. Fernandes
5. Mr. Bhalchandra Gaonkar
6. Dr. Francis X. Lobo
7. Dr. Afonso Botelho
8. Ms. Priya Carvalho e Viegas
9. Ms. Tanya Marchon e Mascarenhas
10 Dr. Rita Braganza
11 Mr. Helic Barretto
12 Mr. Robert Fernandes
13 Ms. Sonia Vaz
14 Ms. Audrey Fernandes
15 Mr. Jim Barreto
16. Dr. Juao Costa
17 Ms. Precy Coutinho
18 Ms. Charmaine D’Souza
19 Ms. Alison Dias e Quadros
20 Mr. John Xavier D’Souza
21 Ms. Shilpa Korde
22 Ms. Seema Bhende
23 Ms. Jyoti Naik
24 Ms. Deepa Dhumatkar
25 Ms. Elvira Pereira
26 Mr. Ignatius Fernandes
27 Ms. Shelley Mendes
28 Mr. Denis Vaz
29 Ms. Lorraine R. Gomes
30 Ms. Ancy Gonsalves
31. Mr. Moses P. Fernandes
32. Ms. Maria Sancha Ema De A. Pereira
33 Mr. Mohan R. Undakoti
34 Ms. Maria Muriel de Barros
35 Mr. Joshua R. D’Mello
36 Ms. Lovella Fernandes
37 Mr. Anson Leopold Albuquerque
38 Mr. Jonlen De Sa
39 Mr. Abhinay P. Pai
40 Ms. Sonia Kamat
41 Ms. Jacqueline do Rosario e Souza
42 Ms. Averyl Pires
43 Ms. Mahalaxmi Badiguir
44 Ms. K. Sakila Devi
45 Ms. Maria Melissa Fernandes
46 Ms. Ilyusha Da Costa
47 Ms. Merville Rodrigues e Da Silva
48 Ms. Smrutirekha Debata
49 Ms. Gayatri Bakhale
50 Ms. Sibel Almeida
51 Ms. Rupa Desai
52 Ms. Leona Dias
i. Ms. Michelle Teles – Counselor
ii. Ms. Sheryl Schiffer Pereira I.T. lecturers
iii. Ms. Farzana Pearl Mascarenhas


53 Mr. Milton Pires
54 Ms. Tracy Percy Almeida e Aguiar
55 Ms. Mildred Susan Lemos
56 Mr. Leonard Joanes
57 Mr. Ramkrishna Shankar Reddy
58 Ms. Rajlakshmi R. Metri
59 Ms. Naziya Mahamdul
60 Mr. Praveenkumar N.H.
61 Ms. Venisha Coutinho
62 Ms. Rhythm Warik
63 Ms. Sheena Rebello Ruzario


64 Ms. Pearl Myra Gomes
65 Ms. Vanessa C. Carrasco
66 Ms. Charlotte Concy Fernandes
67 Ms. Neshca Da Costa


68 Ms. Maya C. Talwadker
69 Ms. Surabhi Anup Gore
70 Ms. Ember Pereira


71 Ms. Melba Judieth Fernandes
72 Ms. Racheal Lourdes Goes
73 Ms. Valencia Salvia Baptista
74 Mr. Sameer Shaikh


1. Dr. Shamin Pereira Librarian
2. Mr. Egidio de Sa Superintendent
3. Mr. Saby Crasto Accountant
4. Ms. Iriane Leitao U.D.C.
5. Ms. Janet Pereira U.D.C.
6. Ms. Melba Fernandes L.D.C.
7. Ms. Maria D’Souza L.D.C.
8. Ms. Tina Rodrigues Jr. Stenographer
9. Ms. Sibal Torquato L.D.C.
10. Ms. Jeannette Da Costa Office Assistant
11. Ms. Roma D’Sa Office Assistant
12. Ms. Vanisha Pimenta Examination Clerk
13 Ms. Genevia Martins Office Assistant
14. Ms. Pratiksha Surlakar Systems Administrator
15. Mr. Mariston Dias Systems Administrator
16. Mr. Caetano Rodrigues Library Attendant
17. Mr. Anthony Pires Gardener
18. Mr. Mariano Peixoto Peon
19. Mr. Remete Colaco Library Attendant
20. Mr. Michael Carvalho Library Attendant
21. Mr. Nazareth Colaco Gymkhana Peon
22. Mr. Lawrent Mascarenhas Peon
23. Mr. Lourence Anthony Gomes Peon
24. Ms. Jenifa Almeida Peon
25. Mr. Francisco Xavier Dias Peon
26. Mr. Sanju Fernandes Attendant
27. Mr. Desmond Simoes Attendant
28. Mr. Roque Furtado Attendant


Other Support Staff
1. Mr. Ahmed Beig Watchman
2. Mr. Aurelio D’Souza Watchman
3. Ms. Cristalina Simoes Sweeper
4. Ms. Antonetta Dias Sweeper
5. Ms. Piedade Fernandes Sweeper
6. Ms. Sebastiana Carneiro Sweeper
7. Ms. Santana Colaco Sweeper

A) Services rendered to students:



Services Duration

(Timings mentioned are applicable only if the application is complete in all respects

1. Issue of Identity Cards:

a)    F.Y.


7 to 10 days after the reopening of the College

b)   SY / TY Validity of 3 years
c)    Late admission As prescribed by Goa University
2. Issue of duplicate Identity Card One working day on payment of Rs.200/-
3. Issue of Transfer Certificate Maximum 3 working days
4. Issue of Character Certificate Maximum 1 working day
5. Issue of Bonafide Certificate Maximum 1 working day
6. Issue of Attempt Certificate Maximum 2 working days
7. Change in subject/stream and subsequent changes in the roll call Shifting within a day, the changes incorporated within maximum 2 working days
8. Processing and forwarding for Migration Certificate to Goa University 3 working days
9. Issue of Tour / Vacation / Concession Forms Within a day
10. a) Processing application forms for Scholarship / Freeship / Fellowship 2 working days after completion of forms in all details by the students
b) Forwarding application forms for Scholarship / Freeship / Fellowship When all forms are collected before the prescribed date
11 Declaring the results of F.Y. and S.Y. Within 25 days after the completion of the last paper
12 Issue of marksheet (first time) Same day on the declaration of results
13 Issue of duplicate marksheets Maximum 3 working days
14 Verification of marks of FY and SY Ten days from the declaration of results on payment of the stipulated fee
15. Issue of hall tickets of T.Y. 2 working days on receipt from Goa University
16. Issue of duplicate fee receipt 2 working days of submitting the application form and payment of a fee of Rs.20/-
17. Issue of Leaving Certificate Maximum 3 working days
18. SMS Portal Every month


B) In House Services Rendered to Public:



Services Duration

(Timings mentioned are applicable only if the application is complete in all respects

1. Provision of information to public under Right to Information Act 2005 disclosure subject to sections 8/9 of the Act ·      Maximum period of 30 days for compliance.

·      A maximum period of 40 days for compliance where third party interests are involved.

·      Within 48 hours of the receipt of the request when the information sought for concerns the life and liberty of a person.

2. Provision for seeking information from Appellate authority in case the request for information is turned down by PIO A maximum period of 30 days extended to 45 days to give the decision by Appellate Authority.


C) In House Services Rendered to Staff:



Services Duration

(Timings mentioned are applicable only if the application is complete in all respects

1. Forwarding of letters / applications / documents to other agencies Maximum two days on submission
2. Issue of salary certificate / experience certificate Maximum two days on submission of application
3. Issue of letters / circulars / documents received from external agencies Maximum one day after the Principal puts remarks / comments
4. Payment of initial advance / settlement of Medical reimbursements Within two days on receipt of grants from DHE
5. Issue of Earned Leave / Commuted Leave orders Within two days on receipt from the management (DSE)

Rev. Dr. Simão R. Diniz                                             –           Appellate Authority

Associate Professor. Helic Barretto                         –           Public Information Officer
Vice Principal

Mr. Egidio de Sa                                                         –           Assistant Public Information Officer

Quality policy of the College
“The College is committed to pursue high standards of excellence in all its endeavors in alignment with its mission and vision by focusing on raising the standards of governance, development of faculty and delivery of service in order to raise student value through engaged teaching-learning and student/teacher progression, while building a culture of inclusion and support, innovation and commitment.”